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Look Inside. May 13, Minutes Buy. In exchange, he gets an uninterrupted supply of heroin—and a stream of fellow prisoners seeking out his Buddha-like absolution.

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Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo

A recovering alcoholic prone to depression, the stress Hole's mental health suffers is often a focus of the stories. He has few friends and often clashes with colleagues. While later recognizing his problematic behavior and leaving the police force, he continues to find reason to aid with new criminal investigations even when it endangers him and loved ones. The novels are frequent bestsellers. His mother, a descendant of the Sami people , died due to cancer while he was in his twenties. Harry never had a close relationship with his father Olav, a former teacher. Hole is a chain-smoker and heavy drinker who is introverted and subject to depression.

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Jo Nesbo, author of the bestselling Harry Hole crime series, is back with a vivid psychological thriller about the bond between orphaned brothers. Roy took that job seriously, especially after the two were orphaned. Which left Roy to pursue the quiet life he loved as a mechanic in the place where they grew up. Then suddenly an older Carl is back, full of big plans to develop a resort hotel on the family land, promising that not only will the brothers strike it rich, but so will the town. The Kingdom. Please Share This. Related Posts.

The Kingdom by Jo Nesbo

Fairly simple, uncomplicated book. Although beautifully decorated words, like the Scandinavians. Forgot to add, and odd main character with the psychological hang-UPS. The book is a Thriller with elements of detective. The atmosphere is cold, loneliness reigns in every line.

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Post a comment. The author of the internationally best-selling Harry Hole series now gives us an electrifying stand-alone novel set amid Oslo's hierarchy of corruption, from which one very unusual young man is about to propel himself into a mission of brutal revenge. No comments :. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. USB Disk Security 6. Amara Flash Suite 2. Wish you could split a lemon cake with Sansa Stark, scarf down a pork pie

The Son: A novel By Jo Nesbo [PDF/EPUB]

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Harry Hole Thrillers

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The Son - Jo Nesbo. The official website for Jo Nesbo, author of the Harry Hole detective crime novels including The Bat, The Snowman and more bestselling.

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