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Rugged Free Energy Landscapes pp Cite as. The computer revolution has been driven by a sustained increase of computational speed of approximately one order of magnitude a factor of ten every 5 years since about In natural sciences, this has led to a continuous increase of the importance of computer simulations.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Berg Published Computer Science, Physics. This article is a tutorial on Markov chain Monte Carlo simulations and their statistical analysis. The theoretical concepts are illustrated through many numerical assignments from the author's book on the subject.

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This article provides an introduction to Markov chain Monte Carlo methods in statistical inference. Over the past twelve years or so, these have revolutionized what can be achieved computationally, especially in the Bayesian paradigm. Markov chain Monte Carlo has exactly the same goals as ordinary Monte Carlo and both are intended to exploit the fact that one can learn about a complex probability distribution if one can sample from it. Although the ordinary version can only rarely be implemented, it is convenient initially to presume otherwise and to focus on the rationale of the sampling approach, rather than computational details. The article then moves on to describe implementation via Markov chains, especially the Hastings algorithm, including the Metropolis method and the Gibbs sampler as special cases. Hidden Markov models and the autologistic distribution receive some emphasis, with the noisy binary channel used in some toy examples. A brief description of perfect simulation is also given.

Metrics details. In quantitative biology, mathematical models are used to describe and analyze biological processes. The parameters of these models are usually unknown and need to be estimated from experimental data using statistical methods. In particular, Markov chain Monte Carlo MCMC methods have become increasingly popular as they allow for a rigorous analysis of parameter and prediction uncertainties without the need for assuming parameter identifiability or removing non-identifiable parameters. A broad spectrum of MCMC algorithms have been proposed, including single- and multi-chain approaches. However, selecting and tuning sampling algorithms suited for a given problem remains challenging and a comprehensive comparison of different methods is so far not available.

Monte Carlo methods , or Monte Carlo experiments , are a broad class of computational algorithms that rely on repeated random sampling to obtain numerical results. The underlying concept is to use randomness to solve problems that might be deterministic in principle. They are often used in physical and mathematical problems and are most useful when it is difficult or impossible to use other approaches. Monte Carlo methods are mainly used in three problem classes: [1] optimization , numerical integration , and generating draws from a probability distribution. In physics-related problems, Monte Carlo methods are useful for simulating systems with many coupled degrees of freedom , such as fluids, disordered materials, strongly coupled solids, and cellular structures see cellular Potts model , interacting particle systems , McKean—Vlasov processes , kinetic models of gases. Other examples include modeling phenomena with significant uncertainty in inputs such as the calculation of risk in business and, in mathematics, evaluation of multidimensional definite integrals with complicated boundary conditions.

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Simulations of Biomolecules

Probabilistic inference involves estimating an expected value or density using a probabilistic model. Often, directly inferring values is not tractable with probabilistic models, and instead, approximation methods must be used. Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling provides a class of algorithms for systematic random sampling from high-dimensional probability distributions. Unlike Monte Carlo sampling methods that are able to draw independent samples from the distribution, Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods draw samples where the next sample is dependent on the existing sample, called a Markov Chain. This allows the algorithms to narrow in on the quantity that is being approximated from the distribution, even with a large number of random variables.

By constructing a Markov chain that has the desired distribution as its equilibrium distribution , one can obtain a sample of the desired distribution by recording states from the chain. The more steps are included, the more closely the distribution of the sample matches the actual desired distribution. Various algorithms exist for constructing chains, including the Metropolis—Hastings algorithm. MCMC methods are primarily used for calculating numerical approximations of multi-dimensional integrals , for example in Bayesian statistics , computational physics , [1] computational biology [2] and computational linguistics. In Bayesian statistics, the recent development of MCMC methods has made it possible to compute large hierarchical models that require integrations over hundreds to thousands of unknown parameters.

Model personalization requires the estimation of patient-specific tissue properties in the form of model parameters from indirect and sparse measurement data. Moreover, a low-dimensional representation of the parameter space is needed, which often has a limited ability to reveal the underlying tissue heterogeneity. As a result, significant uncertainty can be associated with the estimated values of the model parameters which, if left unquantified, will lead to unknown variability in model outputs that will hinder their reliable clinical adoption.

Important decisions in the oil industry rely on reservoir simulation predictions.

Markov chain Monte Carlo

Metrics details. MCMC-based methods are important for Bayesian inference of phylogeny and related parameters. Although being computationally expensive, MCMC yields estimates of posterior distributions that are useful for estimating parameter values and are easy to use in subsequent analysis. There are, however, sometimes practical difficulties with MCMC, relating to convergence assessment and determining burn-in, especially in large-scale analyses. Currently, multiple software are required to perform, e. VMCMC can also be used both as a GUI-based application, supporting interactive exploration, and as a command-line tool suitable for automated pipelines. An advantage with Bayesian phylogenetic inference is that you can obtain posterior distributions of evolutionary parameters, conditional on your data, where the evolutionary parameters can be classified as discrete parameters e.

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