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Top 18 Algorithm Interview Questions & Answers

Download PDF 1 Explain what is an algorithm in computing? An algorithm is a well-defined computational procedure that take some value as input and generate some value as output. Quick Sort algorithm has the ability to sort list or queries quickly. It is based on the principle of partition exchange sort or Divide and conquer. This type of algorithm occupies less space, and it segregates the list into three main parts Elements less than the Pivot element Pivot element Elements greater than the Pivot element 3 Explain what is time complexity of Algorithm? Time complexity of an algorithm indicates the total time needed by the program to run to completion. It is usually expressed by using the big O notation.

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Four C. Six D. Database B. Power III. False B.

The name 'Algorithm' refers to the sequence of instruction that must be followed to clarify a problem. The logical description of the instructions which may be executed to perform an essential function. Algorithms are usually generated independent of primary languages , i. The time complexity of an algorithm denoted the total time needed by the program to run to completion. It is generally expressed by using the big O notation. In bubble sort technique the list is split into two sub-lists sorted and unsorted. The smallest component is bubbled from unsorted sub-list.

Analysis of Algorithms

Although the quiz is closed book, you may bring one handwritten crib sheet on an 8. Preparing a crib sheet can be a useful study aid, so put some effort into selecting material for it. You may use both sides of the paper, but you may only use one sheet.

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Which of the given options provides the increasing order of asymptotic complexity of functions f1, f2, f3 and f4? Steps of Divide and Conquer approach Select one: a. Divide, Conquer and Combine Correct b. Combine, Conquer and Divide c. Combine, Divide and Conquer d. The complexity of searching an element from a set of n elements using Binary search algorithm is Select one: a. O n2 Incorrect d.

CS - Design and Analysis of Algorithms Question Bank Page 1 of 14 Correctness of Euclid's algorithm for computing the greatest common divisor stems.

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    asymptotic analysis; divide-and-conquer algorithms and disjoint set To solve problems using algorithm design methods such as the greedy method, divide Bound solution, FIFO Branch and Bound solution, Traveling sales person problem.

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