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Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm System is a simple yet powerful concept, which uses transistor as a switch. It automatically switches ON lights when the sunlight goes below the visible region of our eyes. It automatically switches OFF lights whenever the sunlight comes, visible to our eyes and activates the morning alarm.

The controlling of outdoor and street lights, home appliances , etc. The manual operation is not only risky but also causes wastage of power due to the negligence of operating personnel and also unusual conditions in monitoring these electrical appliances. Hence, by using a light sensor circuit, we can easily operate the loads as it facilitates automatic switching of the loads.

Know All About Light Sensor Circuit – Elprocus

Save electricity by this simple project. It glows during night and switches off automatically as the sun rises. I have tried a lot of circuits but i made one and this works perfectly. The working principle of LDR is that it gives less resistance in high light intensity and high resistance in low light intensity ie it gives high resistance in dark or night and low resistance in day or light. Here we use transistor as a two way switch.

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Automatic Street Light Using Ldr

This circuit can be used to automatically control and turn on-off lights or any loads depending on the brightness of ambient light, by adding a relay at the output. The sensitivity a. Watch the video above for detailed step by step instructions on how to build this circuit. The resistance of LDR depends on the intensity or brightness of light incident on it and the relation is of inverse proportionality. Which means that when the intensity of light increases, the LDR's resistance reduces and vice versa. Now if you reduce the brightness of ambient light, the LDR's resistance increases, resulting in lesser current flowing through the circuit remember: more the resistance, less the current and so you will observe that the LED's brightness reduces. Exactly the opposite happens when you increase the brightness of ambient light.

This project Automatic Street Light Control System can be implemented by four different ways: by using transistors, using IC timer [1]. Here, we will implement​.

Light Sensor Circuit Diagram with Working Operation

This is not only risky but also results in wastage of power with the negligence of personnel or unusual circumstances in controlling these electrical appliances on and off. In this article, we discuss in brief about how to make a light sensor circuit and its working operation. Before going to learn about the light sensor, primarily, we must know what is sensor. Sensor is a device that is used to detect the changes in quantities or events and appropriately produce the outputs.

Automatic Street Light Using Ldr


Did you ever think that how the street lights automatically turn ON in the night and turn OFF automatically at morning? Many people have a phobia of darkness, so to assist them in such situations, we have explained a simple circuit that will automatically turn on the street light consisting of LEDs or bulb coupled with relay. It is lit well enough to see the objects nearby. This circuit is very easy to work around and also it is battery operated. The power consumed by the circuit is very low because of the very few components used in the circuit.

In some cities and villages, sometimes street lights glow in day time without any reason. In mining regions people face many difficulties due to absence of light in the nights. In frontier and hilly areas, people face many problems due to damaged street lights. For solving these problems, we create a device in which the lights glow in night and in day time, they get switched off automatically and don't glow. Due to use of it, we can solve above problems and can also save electricity.

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To design and construct a photocell sensor for sensing light intensity and normally closed using two transistor connected in darlington pairs to amplify the gain. This project (design and construction of automatic lighting switch using.

PROJECT REPORT on Automatic Light Lamp with Morning Alarm

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Automatic Street Light Control System Using LDR and IC555 Timer

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