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On the PA chest-film it is important to examine all the areas where the lung borders the diaphragm, the heart and other mediastinal structures. These lines and silhouettes are useful localizers of disease, because they can be displaced or obscured with loss of the normal silhouette. This is called the silhouette sign , which we will discuss later.

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Certain diseases show classic radiological signs that resemble various types of food items like fruits, meat, vegetables, eggs, bakery, grocery and confectionary items. In this article various food signs are discussed and correlated with the various food items in a pictorial way. The objective of this pictorial essay is to provide the information and learn the characteristic radiological signs resembling various food items. These food signs are easy to recognize and allows a confident diagnosis on the basis of imaging findings alone or can narrow down the differential diagnosis. This pattern is often seen with pulmonary tuberculosis Fig 1c.

Chest Radiology Plain Film Patterns and Differential Diagnoses PDF

The new edition continues to emphasize pattern recognition on plain film -- with correlative CT, MR and other important modalities included where appropriate. Each pattern is introduced with radiographs followed by a series of questions, tables of differential diagnosis, and discussions of the most likely diseases to present with such a pattern. The discussion sections emphasize the importance of clinical correlation to narrow down the differential diagnosis, and what follow-up tests are indicated to definitively confirm a diagnosis. New high-quality digital images and updated questions enhance the latest edition of this trusted reference. Overcome clinical challenges with guidance about the pitfalls of plain film radiography, and indications for CT, HRCT, biopsy, and other procedures. Use comparative image study to master pattern recognition and improve your understanding of the correlation between findings on plain film, CT, MR, and more.

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Chest Radiology: Plain Film Patterns and Differential Diagnosis, 5th ed. James C. Reed, MD. Philadelphia, Pa: Elsevier Science, ISBN

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Sharpen your skills in chest x-ray interpretation using this trusted clinical resource! James Reed, walks you through a logical, sequential thought process for the differential diagnoses of 23 radiologic patterns of common chest diseases , using superbly illustrated patient cases. Part 1: Chest Wall, Pleura, and Mediastinum 1. Introduction 2. Chest Wall Lesions 3.

Chest Radiology: Plain Film Patterns and Differential Diagnoses

The chest radiograph also known as the chest x-ray or CXR is anecdotally thought to be the most frequently-performed radiological investigation globally although no published data is known to corroborate this. The chest radiograph is performed for a broad content of indications, including but not limited to :. The patient should be asked to remove all clothing and jewelry from the waist up and dress in a hospital gown. Long hair should be worn up.

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Food Signs in Radiology