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Hello guys, my name is Cheng-Shiun Li or you can call me "Emannuel". This name is from Bible. It means God with us. So obviously, I am a Christian. I am thirty-six years old now. From a teeagehood, I learned instrument flute. Never stoped I played it. When I joined to the army, I got a sick. At that time, I touched the softwear "Finale". I like to write the music note with it.

When the time goes by, my composing skill is better than I used be. As I know this internet page, I finally can upload the sheets what I write to share with people. Tanks Lord, His will is always good. He like us human people showing honor to Him. Every time I have spirit with words, somethings, or just day dream, I write them down and compose it. I was borned in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a small island near Mainland China. There are four seasons here. Temperature is hot in summer and cold in winter. It belongs to subtropical climate. No snow dropdowns here. Typhoons threaten here from June to Sepetember. The weather is good fit in spring and autum.

The main moutain cross vertical island we call The Centrol Moutain System. Good scene in the east, and flat in the weast.

Totally I can say it's a good place for peple to live. Thanks God let me be borned in here. When I was Sixteen, a senior high school boy, my school chior student preached gosple to me.

I recieved God next year. I live in brother's house of the church. We sang many songs durng these time. Thanks God, until now I touch Him with hymn every morning and affternoon. Now I live in No. If you want to contact with me, you can mail me. Another way to contact with me is my email address "littleshiun yahoo. About ten years ago, my family live in Banqiao New Taipei City. Because my brother's job is in Lontang Township, we whole family moves to Yanmei city.

Now my parients live in Taoyuan City Taoyuan County. My older brother has been gotten marrige. His wife works in Tainan. Almost two weeks, she comes back. Mostly time my brother and I live in this house. What's desease I has gotten. During the time of volunteer soldier Everyboy is borned in Taiwan should join to the army at eighteen for serving our country , I didn't adept such a stressing life.

At one time, I left the situation. So commending officers decide sending me to the hosptal. After checking, I got this desease. Now every month, I go back to see the doctor and take medicine before I sleep every night.

Goodnews is the desease is under control now. My job is a school security officer. GaoRong Elementary School is a medium school. There are about four hundred students and thirty teachers or officers. In the school, many plants, insects and birds you can see. I feel easy there. We, officers, all take care of childern.

Take our patient and kindness to treat them. Hope them can grow up happyly. Say happy new year to everyone! And may Jesus come back soon! Christmas tree in Tokyo is very beautiful. Light is shining in the night. Although the weather is cold, our heart is warm. Thanks God gives us all things we need this year. Now I have church life in Yanmei Dist.

There are about saints here. We have several meetings during the week such as praying meeting, reading Bible meeting, preaching gospel meeting, Lord's Day meeting. Although I can't join every meetings, my health is not well. But we all saints are for the Lord's recovery, Lord's ministry on the earth. Botany is my major. I learn many different kind aspects of plants. Anotamy, morphology, physiology, taxalogy, ecology, cytology and even on time molecular biology are the subjects I had learned.

I did hard on my subjects, and I had good grades when I graduated. Thanks all teachers teaching us hardly and all classmates being side by me. Four years went by quickly. We are the last class of Botany, now there is the Life Science replacing the name before.

No matter where we are, what jobs we are doing, never forget to devote to the environment we live. Many plants are in the school "GaoRong Elementary School. They are very beautiful when flowers bloom. It have a meaning "love". When you love a girl, you may give her a bouquet of rose.

Sometimes I cut some flowers and put them in front of the office door. In front of the door of my home, there are a raw of plant pot. One is this, "Amaryllis". They are blooming now. There are many bulbs and flowers you can see. It's beautiful. Amazing the world God creates. The weather is warm to hot here. It's a nice afternoon, when I go back home from the school. I see it, and take a picture for it's beautiful appearance.

Sometimes my thinking is unnormal. It's about going into other person's body, that makes me excite sexually. This is a kind of sin hiding in my deep part and bothering me many many years. Now I bring it to the Lord Jesus my savior, and please He heals me. Maybe not be healed quickly, but I will turn to my Lord everytime I drop into such a unnormal thinkings. Book Luke "And Jesus answered and said to them, those who are healthy have no need of a physician, but those who are ill;".

Yes, I am a patient and I need Him to be my doctor. Thanks Lord! It still need some days to be fixed, be patience.

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Hello guys, my name is Cheng-Shiun Li or you can call me "Emannuel". This name is from Bible. It means God with us. So obviously, I am a Christian. I am thirty-six years old now. From a teeagehood, I learned instrument flute.

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"Little Dreamer" by Future Islands, Album Version / Bb Eb I caught you sleeping here, all wrapped in wool Gm F I caught you sleeping here, almost broke my heart Bb Eb I found you dreaming I' Difficulty: novice. Author dinotronic [a] Last edit on Jan 17, Download Pdf. Chords. Guitar Ukulele Piano. Bb. 4. 3. 2.

Future Islands

Search IN Harmony images only. Sadie, Sadie, 1 Sadie, the princess of tenement row 1 Sadko 1 Sadly tonight I am dreaming, wandering paths of yore, 1 Sadness just makes me sigh I've come to say goodbye altho I go 1 Sad-fated Erin 1 Safe at home 1 Safe at home, safe at home 1 Safe cuddled down in thy mother's arms 1 Safety always! Safety always! Let us hear a rousing cheer 1 Safety first 1 Safety in numbers 1 Safety-first song 1 Sagawana 2 Sagebrush troubadour 1 Sages all agree, it's part of destiny, when fate mates maid and 2 Sahara 4 Sahara we sympathize with you Sahara we'll soon be dry like you 1 Sahara, land of caravans and torrid sands, 1 Sahara, my own Sahara, I'll always love you 1 Sahara, Sahara, no queen is fairer 1 Sahara, Sahara, no queen is fairer, I'll never care 1 Said a scarecrow swingin' on a pole 2 Said handsome young Harry to charming young Carrie, "don't jolly me" you see 1 Said little Maudie Brallaghan to her sweetheart Joe Callaghan 1 Said Mister Freshie to Miss Demure 1 Said Mrs. Smith to Mrs.

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Future Islands is an American synthpop band based in Baltimore , Maryland , comprising Gerrit Welmers keyboards and programming , William Cashion bass, acoustic and electric guitars , Samuel T. Herring lyrics and vocals , and Michael Lowry percussion. Future Islands came to prominence in with their fourth album Singles released by 4AD.

Best Piano Songs. Some pieces were less than a minute in duration and some hours long in. For many of the songs listed, you can even find simple, free sheet music or piano arrangements online to help you learn to play as well. Give yourself some time, and you will see some progress soon.

The Florida Mass Choir. Took somebody to say The Word had us open especially, for you Keep the rain The Florida Mass Choir.

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