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12-week, pre-season training portfolio for high school basketball point guards

STACK Expert and Cal basketball strength coach Scott Thom offers a 5-week bodybuilding-style workout to help players build muscle and get in shape for the season. At Cal, my basketball players often show up to training camp a bit weak and out of shape. The same can be said at the end of a long season.

However, I've found success getting the Cal basketball team stronger in only four to five weeks with a method I call "B2B," or "Back to Bodybuilding. Cal's "B2B" workouts involve insanely high volumes, limited rest periods and big moves i. Add in some good old-fashioned bodybuilding techniques, such as drop sets, strip sets and triple drop sets, and you have a formula that will increase strength and work capacity in only one hour.

Players need to build their foundation of strength and conditioning before the regular season starts. But since time is limited, they cannot do separate strength training and cardio sessions. The high-intensity aspect of "B2B" improves the players' ability to perform weight-training exercises that build strength.

The method is efficient and effective. This kind of training is also important at the start of the off-season. Players inevitably de-condition as the season progresses. However, they need a foundation of strength and conditioning before performing intense power-phase workouts. It builds a team dynamic that is often lost when workouts become individualized. The competitive atmosphere encourages hard work and stimulates greater results.

After the season, rest for two weeks, then do another five-week "B2B" phase. Five weeks of high-volume work capacity is sufficient to build a base of strength and conditioning so you can progress into a strength or power phase. Anything more may lead to overuse injuries, physical or mental fatigue. Follow a work-to-rest ratio for the workouts.

If a set of exercises takes 15 seconds to complete, rest for 15 seconds before your next set. The limited rest period improves conditioning, promotes a "muscle pump," and improve workout efficiency. If working with a partner, switch positions quickly with no chit-chat between sets. The high volume of "B2B" workouts stimulates muscle growth because of the fatiguing effect placed on your muscles. For an example of the volume we use, let's look at the Bench Press on day one. It calls for four sets of greater than 10 reps.

Specifically, I have my athletes do sets of 20 to 30, 15 to 20, 11 to 15 and 11 to 12 reps. Follow this with a strip set see below , and you'll do a minimum of reps for the exercise. Talk about a muscle-building challenge! For big movements like Squats, Pushes and Pulls, our guys finish with a strip set, drop set or triple drop set. These bodybuilding techniques ensure there's a sufficient volume to cause muscle fatigue and stimulate growth.

Load enough plates on each side of the bar to create a load you can lift for 10 reps with two in the tank. Perform 10 reps and strip a plate off each side. Perform another set without resting, and continue this pattern until you're only lifting the bar. On a triple drop set, you reduce the weight and increase the reps. Let's say you're lifting pounds.

After eight reps, drop 10 to 15 pounds and do another 10 reps without rest. Drop another 10 to 15 pounds and finish with a minimum of 15 reps. The "B2B" plan involves a four-day split, which allows for 48 hours of rest before working the same muscle groups.

The varied intensity helps promote growth hormone levels, increases volume and flushes out sore muscles on light days to promote recovery. I have my Cal guys do their lighter leg workout on Tuesday so they can hit the court during the week without sore muscles hindering their progress.

Friday is a heavy leg day so they have the weekend to recover. A light pick-up game on Sunday accelerates the process. As you progress from week to week, make sure you beat the previous week's numbers. Make small jumps in weight and let the volume do the work for you. If you only increase 5 pounds each week for four weeks, that's still 20 pounds of improvement!

Remember, this is a 4- to 5-week program, and once it is complete, you should transition into another phase. Read more:. Scott Thom - Scott Thom is the head coach for men's basketball and director of strength and conditioning at College of Marin. He started his coaching journey in as the head boy Become a Contributing Expert. More About Basketball Training. How to Shoot a Basketball Better. More Cool Stuff You'll Like.

Rosemount Girls Basketball Off-Court Workout Book

Adapted for the school setting, Aussie Hoops introduces students to basketball with a nationally accredited coaching curriculum and a program consisting of warm-up games, skill activities and modified games all delivered by accredited coaches. Stop and pop one round. Check out our variety of basketball training programs specifically designed for basketball players! High school athletes can develop their dynamic balance and core endurance with a program as simple as three half-hour workouts for six weeks. Once you feel comfortable there, start bouncing the balls at different heights. In this drill, start out close to the basket.

Here is a six-week training program for a point guard or 2-guard that emphasizes first-step speed and overall strength and explosiveness. Below is the weekly schedule, followed by the specific exercises that correspond with the schedule: Monday : Upper Body Lift No. Drills: Pick 3 drills each workout Time: Perform each drill for 20 seconds Reps: Perform 5 reps for each drill Rest: Rest 60 seconds between drills Ball Drop Benefits: Footwork, hand quickness, eye-hand coordination Reps: 30 seconds Sets: Rest: seconds Instructions: Stand arms length away from partner in defensive stance Partner holds tennis ball in each hand Sprint to ball after partner's throw Catch ball before second bounce Toss back to partner and sprint back to starting position React and sprint to next throw from partner Partner should vary distance, direction and speed of throws Coaching Point : Your partner should vary the hand he uses on throws and constantly change-up the pattern. For example, throw left hand, left hand, left hand and then right hand because it's much more unpredictable then throwing left hand, right hand, left hand. This forces you to react faster and improve your first-step. Block to Block Benefits: Lateral quickness and agility Reps: seconds Sets: Rest: seconds Instructions: Stand in lane in athletic position between the blocks Partners kneels at top of key behind three point line with two basketballs Partner rolls one ball to either block Defensive slide to block, tap ball back to partner, slide back to starting position React to next roll and repeat Coaching Point : Don't ever cross your feet and make sure to stay low with your chest up and your hands up and active.

Our fall preseason running program is designed to give all prospective players an opportunity to get into good physical condition. It also prepares their bodies for basketball tryouts in November and the long season that follows if they make the team. The running program is conducted over a five-week period and is held Monday through Friday each of those weeks except for week five. Once the school year starts, we begin each session shortly after school lets out each afternoon. We conclude it with some other facet of our preseason conditioning regimen, such as an open gym, weight training, jump-rope routines or plyometric training. Participation in the program in no way guarantees a player a roster spot on any of the teams, but participation goes a long way in helping the player get ready for tryouts.

Gallaudet University Strength and Conditioning Program

STACK Expert and Cal basketball strength coach Scott Thom offers a 5-week bodybuilding-style workout to help players build muscle and get in shape for the season. At Cal, my basketball players often show up to training camp a bit weak and out of shape. The same can be said at the end of a long season. However, I've found success getting the Cal basketball team stronger in only four to five weeks with a method I call "B2B," or "Back to Bodybuilding.

Matt Turner joined the Ole Miss strength and conditioning staff in and serves as the strength coach for the Rebel men's basketball team. Turner came to Ole Miss from Alabama State University in Montgomery, where he served as the school's head strength and conditioning coach from Aug. He oversaw the entire program and worked directly with football, men's and women's basketball, golf, volleyball and track. He prepped athletes for Combine and developed and implemented speed, strength and conditioning programs. He was previously at Eastern Illinois University, where he served as the school's head strength and conditioning coach from Aug.

Year , Volume 14 , Issue 3, Pages - Zotero Mendeley EndNote. The aim of the study is to identify the effects of lower and upper extremity plyometric training on maximal strength and body fat ratio of young basketball players, in a 9 week period. Body height, body weight and body fat ratio of each participant was measured. In addition, the jump strength of the participants was determined by the counter movement jump CMJ test.

Basketball Workout Plan Pdf

Anybody is capable of improving their physical conditioning for basketball, even over a short period of time. Six weeks is the length of time between the start of the classes in the fall and the first preseason exhibition games for a college team, the end of the live period and the beginning of the school year or the first open tryouts and a training camp for a national or provincial time. There is always a chance to improve. If basketball training consists entirely of skill development drills or pick-up games, they will not reach the intensity of competitive games in terms of heart rate, VO 2 Max and acceleration. If you want to get to that level, you must commit to what other athletes are not willing to do, including extra hours in the weight room.

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The Definitive 6-Week Guard Workout

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