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Bank regulation is a form of government regulation which subjects banks to certain requirements, restrictions and guidelines, designed to create market transparency between banking institutions and the individuals and corporations with whom they conduct business, among other things. As regulation focusing on key factors in the financial markets, it forms one of the three components of financial law , the other two being case law and self-regulating market practices. Given the interconnectedness of the banking industry and the reliance that the national and global economy hold on banks, it is important for regulatory agencies to maintain control over the standardized practices of these institutions. Another relevant example for the interconnectedness is that the law of financial industries or financial law focuses on the financial banking , capital, and insurance markets.

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International banking laws were first introduced in Belize with the passing of the Offshore Banking Act, The circulars apply to all international banks licensed under the IBA and are intended to assist them in complying with relevant laws and regulations. Central Bank of Belize. International Banking Act The International Banking Act gives the Central Bank of Belize supervisory and regulatory powers to oversee and grant licences for international banks. International Banking Amendment Act, International Banking Act, Revised Edition International Banking Fees Regulations of

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of China's contemporary banking regulatory system, with particular focus on regulatory control of foreign banks trading in China. The paper addresses three aspects of Chinese banking regulation: what does China regulate; why does China regulate; and how does China regulate. Much of the discussion is concerned with China's regulatory agencies particularly with the role of the CBRC as the principal regulator in China's banking sector. In the first instance the paper presents an overview of banking regulatory models gained from a review of theoretical literature in the area. Then through a wide ranging review of Chinese publications, both academic and official, the paper seeks to relate the course of regulatory reform in China, both in terms of compliance with orthodox regulatory theory, and the unique regulatory requirements of the Chinese banking system. The paper recognises that China has embraced the need for banking regulation with the establishment of an institutional structure that is responsive to both banking supervision and government policy. Within that structure the role of the CBRC, the pervasive manner in which that agency operates, and the content of its regulatory output have been identified and critically reviewed.

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This chapter provides an overview of the current U. However, whether state or federally chartered, a bank will have at least one federal supervisor. Most banks in the U. More recently, legislation passed by the Congress and regulatory initiatives undertaken by U. In November , the U. BHCs and the U. The United States has a complex regulatory framework that features a myriad of federal regulatory agencies having often overlapping responsibility for banking regulation.

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The Georgia Secretary of State maintains a compilation of the rules and regulations of each state agency that have been filed pursuant to the Georgia Administrative Procedures Act, O. The Secretary of State's website also contains the administrative history, which gives the date on which the rule was originally filed and its effective date, as well as the date any amendment or repeal was filed and its effective date. Laws, Regulations, and Rulings.

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To view the Hardcover version, Click Here. This handy reference and treatise contains an overview of international banking regulation.

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    Banking law and regulation covers private commercial law developed through banking custom, standards of good practice, and the common law.

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    In Banking Law and Regulation, Iris Chiu and Joanna Wilson provide an interesting and compelling narrative on the transactional and regulatory aspects of.

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