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4.6 The sine rule and cosine rule

The cosine rule is used when we are given either a three sides or b two sides and the included angle. The sine rule. Study the triangle ABC shown below. Name: Class: Date: Copyright Mathster. Licensed by Your School with permission to redistribute Simon Harris.

You will need to know at least one pair of a side with its opposite angle to use the Sine Rule. Practice Questions Work out the answer to each question then click on the button marked to see if you are correct. Finding Sides If you need to find the length of a side, you need to know the other two sides and the opposite angle. Sides b and c are the other two sides, and angle A is the angle opposite side a. These examples illustrate the decision-making process for a variety of triangles: e.

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Search this site. Classroom Displays. Lesson resources. If it's not a right angled triangle then chances are it involves one of these three rules that can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the Formulae Sheet. If you get the step above correct then it doesn't really matter which side you label b and which side you label c.

Proving the Sine and Cosine Rules

Angle C 66 42 72 Using the sine rule:. Using the sine rule:. Using the cosine rule: 2 2 2 2 2 2 cos 9 6 2 9 6cos 97 Using the sine rule: sin sin sin 97 sin 6 Area of triangle 1 2 1 2 2 sin

Are you just going to take my word for it? Draw a triangle and use your ruler and a calculator to check if the Sine rule is true for your triangle. Well now. How can we know that the Sine rule will be true for ALL triangle? To be sure, we need to prove the Sine Rule.

COSINE RULE PDF sine rule and cosine rule

Law of cosine worksheets with answers on the 2nd page of the pdf. Finding the missing values in triangles by using the trig formulas.

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I am now a retired teacher having taught for over 40 years in the UK at secondary level. I wanted to share my love of Mathematics and teaching by providing a good set of resources which will more than cover all your needs for as many topics as I can and at good value for money. I am trying to cover many topics from foundation level GCSE up to grade 9 at higher level in a way that is interesting and relevant. I hope you like my style! Sine Rule 2 - use the Sine rule to find the missing angles no ambiguous case - 10 Questions.

The Cosine Rule. Answer the questions in the spaces provided. The marks for each question are shown in brackets. GCSE Maths. Cosine Rule Questions. Using the cosine rule, in the first form, on triangle shows that. You are expected to know, or be able to work out, that

Trigonometric ratios and graphs Key points a is the side opposite angle A. You can use the cosine rule to find the length of a side when two sides and the included. Round your answers to the nearest tenth.

Show all documents This chapter extends that work by using trigonometry to calculate the lengths, angles and areas of triangles. The basic trigonometric ratios were first studied in the Preliminary Course, but these applied only to right-angled triangles. In this chapter, trigonometry theory will be expanded to include all types of triangles, through the use of the sine and cosine rules and a new formula for the area of a triangle.

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