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Interactive Version - In this past perfect interactive breakout room activity, students play a true or false guessing game where they ask and answer present perfect questions about growing up.

Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous?

Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. Generally speaking, the Present Perfect is used to connect the past and the present; we often use this grammar for an action that started in the past, but is still happening today. Here is an Example. The Present Perfect connects the past and the present.

Regular verbs require —ed in the simple past tense. For these verbs, the past participle is the same. What is the past participle for these verbs? Irregular verbs do not take — ed in the simple past. For these verbs, you must memorize the past participle form. Do you know the past participle for these verbs? Just like the Present Perfect, we can use this grammar to talk about something that started in the past, but is still happening. But the present perfect continuous focuses more on the continuous action.

The emphasis is on the duration of the action. Example:: Example: It began raining two hours ago. This is the present perfect continuous tense. Continuous:: More Examples of P. Continuous: Jane started to work in her garden at this morning.

Now it is She has been working in her garden for 4 hours! Sam and Paul are talking in the hallway. They have been talking since their class ended. Susan has mopped the floor. Tom and Lucy have been painting all morning!

Example: Jean got a headache two hours ago. She still has a headache now. She has been having a headache for two hours. PowerPoint Presentation: Review: 2. Example: 1 I have been knowing Maria for many years. Present Perfect is often used for actions that were recently completed.

Review:: Review: 4. Present Perfect Continuous is preferred when we want to emphasize the duration of an action that is not yet finished. She should take a break! Review:: Review: 5. We use the pr esent perfect continuous when we are focusing on an activity that has been going on and on and is not finished yet.

However, the present perfect is preferred when the focus is more on the result of a recently finished action. Practice makes Perfect! For additional practice, go to our class website: www. PowerPoint Presentation: the end. Follow us on:. Go to Application. US Go Premium. PowerPoint Templates. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Post to :.

URL :. Related Presentations :. Add to Channel. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Views: Category: Education. Like it 0. Dislike it 0. Added: September 24, Posting comment Premium member. Presentation Transcript. More Examples of P. Difference in Meaning:: Difference in Meaning: The present perfect focuses more on the result of the action while the present perfect continuous focuses more on the action itself.

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Conjugar "to win" - Inglês conjugação

Read about how to make the present perfect continuous tense here. Download this explanation in PDF here. Here's a list of all the present perfect and present perfect continuous exercises. Need more practice? Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar!

Past Perfect Use the past perfect when one action in the past happened before another action in the past. Use the first action in the past perfect and the second action in the simple past. I had already done my homework when my mother arrived. Past Perfect It is used only when a clear relationship exists with an event in simple past time. Because the past perfect means before, it must relate a past event to another past.

PPT 4 - Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous(1) - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view.

Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous: Useful Differences

Complete the dialogue by putting the verbs into the present perfect simple or the present perfect continuous. If both tenses are possible, use the present perfect continuous. Choose the present perfect simple or present perfect continuous to complete the sentences below. Change these sentences into a the past simple, b past continuous, c present perfect and d the past perfect. With Lingolia Plus you can access 12 additional exercises about Present Perfect Simple - Present Perfect Progressive, as well as online exercises to improve your English.

Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous: Useful Differences

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Past perfect

A simple, reactive schema validation package for Meteor. Present continuous. What did they n Download. When should we use the Past Simple? It is based on past experience and is accessed to guide current understanding or action. This worksheet is to practice present perfect simple and past simple with clues to help students decide which of the two tenses to employ

Improve your grammar with 6 Minute Grammar Basic , our grammar series for beginner level learners. On this page you'll find a range of basic grammar programmes to boost your language skills. Each programme covers a key grammar point with all the explanations, examples and activities you need to become a basic grammar champion - in just 6 minutes. Grammar topics include present simple and present continuous tenses, the present perfect, prepositions, relative clauses, modal verbs, adjectives, the first conditional, phrasal verbs and much, much more. Courses Features Busca. Basic grammar with 6 Minute Grammar.

Form This tense is formed with had been + the present participle. It is the same for all persons: I had / I'd been working We had been working You had/you'd.


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The past tense form This is the form used to create the past tense of the verb. There are numerous exceptions. Mixed Tenses - Put the verbs into the correct tenses. Andy is tired because he work all day. Free printables and free downloads for your classroom! Share PowerPoint templates,slides,provide the best Google Slides and background images for free download.

PPT 4 - Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous(1)

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