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David Chalmers is one of the most prolific and influential philosophers of our time 1. He is also one of relatively few contemporary analytic philosophers well-known outside the philosophical community, in particular within the sciences of mind.

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A pioneer in the philosophy of mind, David J. Chalmers b. The Australian can speak about zombies, quantum mechanics and virtual worlds without batting an eye. The most burning problem, however, is a thoroughly philosophical one: the nature and place of consciousness in the physical world.

Part I: The problem of consciousness

David J. Chalmers Australian National University, Australia. This paper gives a nontechnical overview of the problems of consciousness and my approach to them. In it I distinguish between the easy problems and the hard problem of consciousness, and argue that the hard problem eludes conventional methods of explanation. I argue that we need a new form of nonreductive explanation, and make some moves toward a detailed nonreductive theory. Consciousness, functional explanation, principle of structural coherence, problems of consciousness, nonreductive explanation.

We thus cannot determine which of the available solutions to the meta-problem is correct without having already solved the hard problem. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. It may be that Chalmers means something much weaker than this, in which case he might accept the bulk of the following discussion. Reductive realists might hold differing views on whether this explanation is accessible to us. More on this below. Frankish , , is reluctant to associate the strong illusionist view he defends with eliminativism, as the latter term carries certain connotations that he sees as inessential to strong illusionism.

Forgot Password? Already Subscribed? Create a Login now. Raymond Tallis. W ith the publication of his book The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory , David Chalmers established himself as one of the most assiduous, honest, imaginative, and talented thinkers working in the vast and overpopulated field of the philosophy of mind.

The Hard Problem Isn’t Getting any Easier: Thoughts on Chalmers’ “Meta-Problem”

Chalmers suggests that the dualistic non-physical element might be information. Indeed it might. Chalmers The Meta-Problem of Consciousness The meta-problem of consciousness is to a first approximation the problem of explaining why we think that there is a problem of consciousness. Chalmers 1 Introduction 1 Consciousness fits uneasily into our conception of the natural world. Kirk, Robert. On the most common con-ception of nature, the natural world is the physical world.

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Consciousness fits uneasily into our conception of the natural world. On the most common con- ception of nature, the natural world is the physical world. But on.

What Is It Like to Be Conscious? – David Chalmers’ Easy and Hard Questions

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