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Code: Version 2. The book is an update to Lessig's book Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace , [2] which was written in response and opposition to the notion that state governments could not regulate cyberspace and the Internet. The original argument that Lessig took issue with was weakened in the years following the book's release, as it became widely acknowledged that government regulation of the Internet was imminent, and so the author thought it necessary to update the work. Lessig acknowledges that there are those who continue to disagree with his viewpoint, but adamantly maintains that the Internet will increasingly evolve in a more regulable direction. The book is dedicated to Wikipedia with the words: [3]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Code : And Other Laws of Cyberspace. Lawrence Lessig. There's a common belief that cyberspace cannot be regulated—that it is, in its very essence, immune from the government's or anyone else's control. Code argues that this belief is wrong. That code can create a place of freedom—as the original architecture of the Net did—or a place of exquisitely oppressive control.

From the Preface: "This is a translation of an old book—indeed, in Internet time, it is a translation of an ancient text. Code v2 was written in part through a collaborative Wiki. Code v2 is the result. So too is the derivative. Reflecting the contributions of the community to this new work, all royalties have been dedicated to Creative Commons.

File:Code And Other Laws of Cyberspace Version 2 0.pdf

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Every age has its potential regulator, its threat to liberty. Our founders feared a newly empowered federal government; the Constitution is written against that fear. John Stuart Mill worried about the regulation by social norms in nineteenth-century England; his book On Liberty is written against that regulation. Many of the progressives in the twentieth century worried about the injustices of the market. The reforms of the market, and the safety nets that surround it, were erected in response.

Code Is Law

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace is a book by Lawrence Lessig on the structure and nature of regulation of the Internet. The primary idea of the book, as expressed in the title, is the notion that computer code or "West Coast Code", referring to Silicon Valley regulates conduct in much the same way that legal code or "East Coast Code", referring to Washington, D. The book includes a discussion of the implications for copyright law , arguing that cyberspace changes not only the technology of copying but also the power of law to protect against illegal copying.


Lessig, Lawrence. Code 2.

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