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Sign in. How do we consume, parse, and contextualize these massive datasets in a way that productively advances the goals the data was gathered to advance? Us anthropologists have been gr a ppling with quantitative data and ways to make the best use of it for decades now, and we certainly understand the importance of context in analytical data. In anthropology, we have an entire system for contextualizing massive amounts of data about human behavior. We call it the ethnography. At its most basic form, an ethnography is a systematic representation of a culture. How is that relevant to product development?

When and How to Use Ethnographic Research

Ethnography was popularised by anthropology, but is used across a wide range of social sciences. It is hoped that by achieving this, a designer will be able to truly understand the problem and therefore design a far better solution. Part of the reason may involve cost, but it is also the case that anthropologists and usability practitioners are interested in different things. Anthropologists use ethnography in an attempt to fully understand as much as possible about an entire society. Usability practitioners are usually only interested in learning information that will support their reasoning on a specific design problem. However, short ethnographic studies can be very useful for user-centred projects. For example: in order to understand the way in which a Merchant Bank trades and operates, a usability consultant might conduct an ethnographic study by working and socialising with its employees for a month.

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Ethnography: An analysis of its advantages and disadvantages. M H Khan As like any other research methods, Ethnography has its own advantages; however it is important Journals,

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Research Methods

Ethnography is the systematic study of people and their cultures. It refers both to the process that is used to study people as well as the outcome of this process. Ethnography has been around for several decades, although it became highly popular in the late 19th century.

Qualitative Research in Applied Linguistics pp Cite as. Have you read an ethnography or seen any ethnographic documentaries or performances? If so, what were the contexts of these studies? What types of topics or issues do you think could be explored through ethnographic research?

Ethnographers study human cultures and societies by living among the people they study, by immersing themselves within the subject group in a process called participant-observation.