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Where in the World: Triangulating Your Location

Reading Time: 8 minutes. For an easy day walk in good weather along a well-signposted track in a National Park, a Parks supplied sketch or mud map is sufficient for navigation. A mobile phone with google maps and its GPS on can provide an exact location if required. For longer trips the trip leader at least should have a topographic map and the ability to navigate using map and compass. For harder or extended trips including any off-track or winter alpine trips, several group members should be well skilled in bush navigation using a map and compass. For challenging trips to remote areas all group members should be capable bush navigators.

Knowing how to use a compass is a skill that will become important if you ever find yourself lost, whether in the middle of nowhere or just slightly off the beaten path. Although it's easy to depend on high-tech navigation systems in today's world, knowing how to use a magnetized compass and a paper map could be invaluable in a difficult situation. One you learn about identifying the basic parts of a compass and understanding how to set and use the compass in tandem with a map, you'll be ready to determine your location and navigate in the direction you need to go if your electronic gadgets lose power or malfunction. Compasses can vary in their features. You will need to have one with specific features to enable you to use it for basic navigation. Finding north on a map is generally simple thanks to the compass rose that should be printed on it.

Be Expert With Map and Compass, The Complete Orienteering Handbook

The compass is the one instrument above all others that will help you find your way in the wilderness. By effectively using one, you can stand in the middle of nowhere, pick a destination far off in the distance and know that, no matter how many obstacles might lie in your path, you can still get there. That is a comforting feeling to have in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when using a compass is that its needle always points to magnetic north, not true north. Most topographical maps note declination. Having a map improves your chances of survival many times over, but only if you know how to use it. To correctly use any map, you first need to orient it.

T hey are light weight and take up little space, yet are very dependable and when used in conjunction with and Ordnance Survey map, will ensure you find your way to your destination. With the information on this page, we aim to show you how to correctly use a compass. All compasses include many common features. How to use a compass is a technique which is quick to learn and can be put to use no matter where you are. A compass can assist you to locate where you are and how to get to another point. While many believe a Sat Nav or Smart Phone app will do this job for them, it must be borne in mind that electronic instruments can fail, break or run out of power. Magnetic north is different to map grid north because magnetic north where the compass needle points changes in different places of the world and changes over time.

Map reading made easy! For beginners to advanced, adults or teenagers, find all you need to make map reading easy. We've collected some of our top map reading resources all in one place to get you started in this vital outdoor skill. Too easy for you? Expand your knowledge with Map reading - advanced guides.

Now Turn your body so your compass looks like this: Say you measure a course on your map of ° Map & Compass – Setting & Reading Headings.

Basic Map and Compass Navigation: How to Get Around with the Old Technology

Those who explored and mapped out our great nation had no GPS, only the maps they made and a compass to guide them. Knowing how to use a compass, map and basic navigational skills will make getting lost far more difficult and make it easy to find the way home when the GPS decides to get lost or stop working. Maps should be cared for by placing them in a ziplock bag or map case and by covering with a waterproof coating or material. Maps that are made from waterproof paper can be purchased. Maps come in several different scales.

With all the electronic gadgetry that exists -- cell phones, GPS units, personal locator beacons -- why bother learning how to navigate like pathfinders of the last 20th century, with map and compass? Well, for starters you won't worry about your batteries failing you. Sadly, I must admit that my map and compass skills are horribly, horribly rusty. Many years ago, while filling out some spare credits in my college days, I actually took an orienteering course in which I learned how to negotiate through the backcountry with map and compass.

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Map and compass basics

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