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Besides the sterile pre-packaged kits, Galaxy Fixation System offers all clamps and rods single-packed and sterile, except for the 6mm L-rod cod. They can be ordered using the item code number preceded by e.

We have developed a site just for you, featuring useful resources about limb deformity and treatment. It consists of hardware and associated software for simplified deformity correction and trauma management.

Penning Wrist External Fixator Orthofix Mini Fragment

The appliation of circular external fixation has been an effective an treatment method in orthopedic trauma, limb preservation, complex defotmity correction and limb reconstruction of the lower limb [ 1 , 2 , 3 ]. The choice to use circular fixation must be considered carefully, based on the level of skill and experience of the surgeon. Even then, unforeseen complications are to be expected. Compliance from the patient and an open line of communication are vital to increase the probability of a successful outcome. It is our goal in this article to aid the surgeon in treating and preventing many of the clinical complexities that arise by offering practical advice. Effective communication regarding challenges that may be encountered is paramount. Any discussion should include:.

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Outcomes of trochanteric external fixation for geriatric inter-trochanteric hip fractures

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Biomechanical study of a low-cost external fixator for diaphyseal fractures of long bones

Metrics details. External fixation improves open fracture management in emerging countries. However, sophisticated models are often expensive and unavailable.


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