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Teaching with love & logic : taking control of the classroom

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. All rights reserved. This book is copyrighted and reproduction in any form for any reason is prohibited by Federal Copyright Law. This includes but is not limited to copying for classroom or other educational use by teachers and other educators.

Copyright laws pertain whether materials are used by for-profit or not-for-profit organizations and whether or not monies are exchanged for the materials. United States copyright law will be enforced to its fullest extent against unauthorized copiers of these materials.

Thank you for respecting the copyright laws. Love and Logic Institute, Inc. Snell, Shade of the Cottonwood, L. Gilmour, Editing TLC, www. To tell the truth, it has saved my career… and probably the lives of some of the kids in my classroom. Often I have been handed a tattered and dog-eared book with an untold number of tabs sticking out from the pages.

Seeing these treasured books warms my heart beyond belief and speaks to the love and acceptance this book has earned. Each time we mention this to teachers, they tell us that the content is still strong and they still love it. We have, however, begun to realize that our experience and research on Love and Logic has led us to a far more refined understanding.

As a result, we became motivated to provide a book filled with stories that actually give teachers the words they can use to both prevent and deal with the nagging everyday problems in the classroom.

So… we became determined to write the very best book on managing the evolving demands of classrooms. This book is dedicated to all of the amazing teachers who skillfully serve youth arriving in their rooms with untold levels of societal, familial, emotional, and behavioral baggage. Charles Fay I was raised with Love and Logic.

Instead of endless power struggles, arguing, and stress, we were blessed to spend most of our time enjoying each other. Even as an adult, I adore both of them. As a young man, I became intrigued with the notion that the grass might be greener on the other side of the fence.

I rebelled… by earning a Ph. A strict proponent of operant conditioning, I came to believe that children have but one basic need: stickers, tokens, pizza parties, and other tangible rewards. As an educator, I soon hit a brick wall. I was soon humbled enough to ask my father for advice.

Like the father of the prodigal son, he embraced me with loving grace. Occasionally, I fall back on the behavioral principles I learned, as they are good tools to have available in the toolbox.

Nevertheless, most of the time I find that life can be so much less complicated and more rewarding when the primary focus is on relationships and meeting the deeper underlying needs of those around me.

I hope that you, too, find this true. Teaching can be a joy! You are with the Lord in peace and joy that is beyond comprehension. Here on earth you are greatly missed.

I love you! Lynne had started the year perkier than a toddler with a new puppy. She was the staff member… every school has one… who started the year showing up early for faculty meetings, sharing her dreams of reaching every student, and staying late each day to revise her bulletin board. Now she slumped in her chair, depressed, as if her puppy was lost.

Maybe you are one. If so, there is hope! Many a career has been saved with simple Love and Logic strategies. The others just feed off of his obnoxious behavior. It was overwhelming. Debi had experienced disliking students.

I had a pretty rocky start myself. I believe in you. Would you like to hear what some teachers try? He just thinks it is fun to go see Dr. When I took my teaching methods class, I learned about using the colored card system. He just acts out worse. Do you ever get tired of having to act like a vending machine? Honestly I try, but it just gets insane. When I stop to give a consequence, six other students start bouncing off the walls. Are some students desensitized by the hard lives they experience at home?

Are others suffering from entitlement, knowing their parents will always bail them out of the consequences of their actions? Lynne finally broke down in tears. I even love Philip… and I wish I could enjoy them in the classroom. I lose my patience and spend way too much time yelling and threatening.

I wonder if I really have what it takes to do this job. I can tell you are a hard worker and that you love the kids. Does it help… at least a little bit… to know that I struggled, too? What changed? I mean, it seems as if you like teaching… and the kids behave so well for you.

What made the difference? If we put our heads together, I bet we can make them work for you also. Close to tears, she needed help badly. I remember being in the same boat years ago. Fortunately, things started getting way better the day my principal sent me to a Love and Logic conference. I sat through that day hearing one simple and practical technique after another.

They were ways that I could take better care of myself while getting a lot more cooperation from my students. Now I even use some of the stuff on my husband! Fortunately, the presenter cautioned us. Experiment with one technique at a time rather than making wholesale changes to your approach.

And… before implementing each new experiment, talk with your friends about what might go wrong. That way you can plug the holes before your students find them.

The Love and Logic presenter encouraged us to keep using the skills we liked and to gradually integrate these new ones into solving the problems we were facing. You pick the ones that seem to fit best. For many, their lives away from school are far scarier than any- thing we can threaten them with. Many of my kids have no respect for authority or themselves. Relationships form the foundation of all effective classroom management, disci- pline, and instruction. By the end of their conversation, a plan was emerging for how to handle Philip when he refused to stop disrupting class.

Instead, it was a simple one, targeting her most pressing need… to show Philip that she could handle his behavior in a caring, yet powerful way. Things in her classroom would definitely look brighter if she could achieve this goal! If we try something new and it fails, our credibility will be damaged all the more.

From Love and Logic I learned that kids of all ages yearn for role models who are both strong and caring. When they find them, they subconsciously identify with them and are more likely to adopt their values. He was really, really strong and very loving at the same time. He could handle us without breaking a sweat, but he was almost always soft-spoken and encouraging. The older I get, the more I see myself becoming like him.

Your Grandpa Abe gave you a wonderful example of how to connect with students. Consider six things about Philip that are positive. These six things should be true and have nothing to do with his school achievement or his behavior. For example, what he likes to wear, or a sport he likes, or hobbies, pets, or friends

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Jim Fay and Dr. Foster Cline are the creators of the parenting philosophy called Love and Logic. Since , they have been teaching and training parents and teachers across the county in this revolutionary method. Based out of Denver, Colorado, "The Love and Logic Institute is dedicated to making parenting and teaching fun and rewarding , instead of stressful and chaotic. We provide practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children. Foster Cline. Logic allows them to live with the consequences of their choices.

When I was first introduced to the principles of the Love and Logic method, I was immediately attracted to its simplicity and sensible approach to classroom management. Although there is much that could be said about the Love and Logic philosophy, I believe they are encapsulated in the four following principles. The most powerful thing a teacher can do to effectively manage his or her classroom is to build a meaningful relationship with each student. We all make mistakes. When a child is frustrated, or hurt, show empathy for the child by acknowledging their feelings.

You must be logged-in in order to download this resource. If you do not have an AOE account, create one now. If you already have an account, please login. My first year of teaching, I sought out any and all courses in classroom management. The philosophy of Love and Logic is to regain control, reduce your stress level, equalize emotions and build more harmonious relationships. The keys to implementation are empathy and communicating that you care for and value the other person.

Educator Resources - Teaching Tips, Articles and Advice Love and Logic's collection html documents (that you can view within your Web browser) or pdf files.

Parenting With Love and Logic – Teaching Children Responsibility

Love and Logic Institute, Inc. FREE Parenting book included with new registration! Fortunately, parents can make this time a little easier on everybody by parenting their teens with love and logic, according to mental health professionals.

Teachers often find themselves facing a variety of classroom situations never covered in initial training. This valuable. Discover why Love and Logic works in the school environment and understand the psychological reasons for its. Jim Fay and David Funk's truly positive approach and time-tested ideas and strategies will empower.

Learning online from home, or anywhere, is much more fun with Love and Logic! Whatever ages you are working with, bring the sense of calm, pleasantness and fun back into the learning environment for the kids and for yourself! Get started today! Free Blog Articles on Various Topics.

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    The Love and Logic process includes sharing control and decision-making, using empathy with consequences, and enhancing the self-concept of children.

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    Why become a. Love & Logic. School? Page 3. 1. It preserves and enhances the relationship with the student while maintaining a disciplined.

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