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Introductory Chapter: Job Satisfaction and Career Development

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Zain Alshomaly. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Indermun and Bayat stated that many organizations are struggling to be strong competitor to achieve its goals and objectives. Therefore, organizations are concerned about the relations between employee and the level of satisfaction and considered to be critical issue in relation with organization performance and improvement.

Job satisfaction derives from intrinsic factors that are related to work itself or extrinsic factors which are related to instrumental values Watson, While Aziri mentioned that job satisfaction is under the influence of many factors such as: The nature of work, salary, advancement opportunities, management, work groups and work conditions.

Employee performance is influenced by lots of determinants. Folami et al. Skibba stated that the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance is one of the most researched areas in organizational psychology sector. There are lots of researches tested the impact of job satisfaction on employee performance.

Most of them indicated that there is an impact of job satisfaction on employee performance and there is an impact of employee performance on job satisfaction Skibba, But, rarely of them emphasize on whether the impactis direct or indirect. Accordingly, an explanatory interpretivist study is conducted to capture the reality of the relation between job satisfaction and employee performance in greater details. Numerous secondary data collection sources have been covered to get close understanding of the research subject and to look at previous researchers' work in the same domain.

This research paper composed of first, the literature review, where job satisfaction and performance aspects are demonstrated according to other researchers.

The definition of Job satisfaction is described by many authors. Some of the most commonly definitions are described in the text below. Hoppock as cited in Aziri Michailova, Flexible work arrangement FWA is another variable that can affect job satisfaction. FWA can be defined as "the extent of flexibility about the work timing, work location and how much one works" Chen, Moreover, performance behaviors are "the total set of work related behaviors that the organizations expect the individual to display" Griffin, Lots of researchers examine two types of individual job performance.

First one is the task performance Kappagoda, or the in-role performance University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing, , and the other is the contextual performance Kappagoda, or the organizational citizenship behaviors OCBs University of Minnesota LibrariesPublishing, However, some researchers identified new types of job performance that is going to be defied in the following. Robbins et al. The first one is task performance which is "performing the duties and responsibilities that contribute to the production of a good or service or to administrative tasks".

The second type is citizenship which is the "actions that contribute to the psychological environment of the organization, such as helping others when not required, supporting organizational objectives, and treating co-workers with respect". While counter-productivity -as negative behaviors -are the "actions that actively damage the organization.

These The importance of job satisfaction and performance of the employees is not limited to a particular organization, whilst it is important for any types of organizations in the economy Kappagoda, Working hard is essential for achieving the organizational goals and objectives especially within the ever changing and evolving environment Maulabakhsh, All types of performance are crucial for the organization's interest.

Kappagoda studied job satisfaction and its impact on task and contextual performance in the banking sector. He concluded that the job satisfaction and the task performance of the bank staff has a great impact on customer satisfaction and "ultimately they affect to achieve sustainable superior performance" Kappagoda, Also, Paul concluded that because employee are the ones who interact with the customers in day to day basis and curry out the whole operations, their performance surely will maintain customer satisfaction Paul, Contextual performance or citizenship enhances the organization's social network and the psychological environment that support technical task Kappagoda, In appraisal.

The existence of several measurement methods indicates the importance of capturing the level and kind of employee performance. The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Employee PerformanceThere are lots of researches tested the impact of job satisfaction on employee performance. Most of them indicated that there is an impact of job satisfaction on employee performance since, there is a large impact of the job satisfaction on the motivation of workers, and the level of motivation has an impact on productivity, hence also on performance Aziri, Kappagoda highlighted that the job satisfaction is one of the factors that affects the improvement of the task performance and conceptual performance.

Indermun and Bayat agreed that there is an undeniable correlation between job satisfaction and employee performance. They suggest that psychological and physical rewards have significant impact on job satisfaction. Employee empowerment and work place environment have significant positive relationship to job satisfaction.

Therefore, when an employee is given autonomy in business decisions and when he is given favorable and clean environment then his satisfaction level will rise. According to Awan et al. Job Satisfaction has a great influence on employee performance. Satisfied employees are valuable to their organizations because they perform better and they contribute to the overall goals and success of an organization, unlike dissatisfied employees who considered as a burden for any organization Shmailan, To identify the factors influencing job satisfaction.

To identify the determinants of employee performance. To review the relationship between job satisfaction and employee performance. In order to achieve the study objectives, these are research hypotheses: H1: Job satisfaction has a significant influence on employee performance. H2: Employee performance has a significant influence on job satisfaction.

H3: Job satisfaction has a direct influence on employee performance and vice versa. This method represents a better way to cover vast amount of data and "gather non-numerical data to help explain or develop a theory about a relationship" Heffner, Also, it is suitable for exploring hidden reasons behind complex social processes such as inter-firm relationships or behavior Bhattacherjee, Accordingly, three hypotheses have been defined based on the literatures.

First two hypotheses assume the existence of the relationship between job satisfaction and employee performance.

The third hypothesis assumes the nature of the influencewhether it is direct or indirect. This study is an explanatory research in nature, so it uses secondary data collection sources. Thus, to examine the relationship, two assumptions or questions must be discussed. First, job satisfaction impact on employee performance. Second, employee performance impact on job satisfaction. Taking into consideration the factors and determinants which affect each variable. Therefore, the job satisfaction and employee performance relationship has been the object of much researches.

Robbins and Judge have indicated that job satisfaction has influence on employee productivity, absenteeism, and turnover. Job satisfaction affect organizational efficiencies, increase profitability and competitive advantages Baylor, Since lots of researchers agreed on the strong relationship between employee performance and job satisfaction, in addition to weakening the argument about the negative route from job performance to job satisfaction, hence the second hypothesis is confirmed:H2: Employee performance has a significant influence on job satisfaction.

Based on Nash , Spector Therefore, the existence of some mediating factors set in the middle between job satisfaction and employee performance proves that job satisfaction has indirect influence on employee performance and employee performance has indirect influence on job satisfaction.

Hence, the third hypothesis has not been confirmed:H3: Job satisfaction has a direct influence on employee performance and employee performance has direct influence on job satisfaction. On one hand, job satisfaction is considered as one of the main factors that affect efficiency This explanatory interpretivist study is conducted to capture the reality of the relation between job satisfaction and employee performance in greater details.

The researcher under the project limited duration managed to prove that job satisfaction has a significant influence on employee performance and employee performance has a significant influence on job satisfaction.

Regarding the nature of the relationship, the study proves that both variables have an indirect influence on one another through mediating factors and ended up with a model that illustrated a cycle cause and effect relationship between the two variables. The findings of the study may be limited because the research indicated the indirect influence through just highlighting the mediating factors that stand in the middle between job satisfaction and employee performance.

This research is explanatory in nature so it relies on explaining the phenomena more than gathering empirical data. Hence, for further research, researchers need to focus on identifying the middle factors between job satisfaction and employee performance and quantitative methods are suggested.

Based on the research findings, the researchers recommend managers to pay attention on providing employees with satisfying rewards and benefits since they are the most common effective factors on job satisfaction. Also, managers must ensure creating a work atmosphere full of happiness as much as possible because happiness found as a mutual factor that positively affect satisfaction and performance.

The organization need to increase the training and development programs that boost the level of task performance and satisfy employees different needs. The important of job performance extended to include both the behavioral aspect and the outcome aspects, and both task and contextual performance. Therefore, the decision makers needed to consider them when they are evaluating the performance. Finally, periodic satisfaction and performance measurements test must be applied to track the level of these important variables and set the corrective actions.

Sonnentag et al. Numerous studies have been conducted to differentiate between different aspects of job performance according to Sonnentag et al. It is interesting to note that any improvement happens in the individual level would contribute to a transformation in the organizations and community's levels as well.

For example, spreading positive emotions among different elements of the chain or individuals, can transform organizations into more cohesive, more moral and more harmonious social organizations Moccia, University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing illustrates the major predictors determinants of job performance as: perceptions of organizational justice and interpersonal relationships, stress, and work attitudes, particularly job satisfaction.

However, Folami et al. So, the managers in the Alot of researchers argued that employee performance itself affects employee's level of job satisfaction. For example, Sonnentag et al. According to Platis et al. And some researchers suggested that employee performance does not affects their level of satisfaction.

Pugno et al.

A Study on the Relationship between Employee's Job Satisfaction and their on Job Performance

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Accordingly, an explanatory interpretivist study is conducted to capture the reality of the relation between job satisfaction and employee performance in greater.

Dissertation/Thesis Abstract

Career Development and Job Satisfaction. Various research studies have highlighted the importance of focusing on the issue of employee job satisfaction, as it plays a critical role in overall firm success or demise. Additionally, the importance of employee job satisfaction has been largely emphasized in the literature because of its positive affect on employee job performance. The productivity of the work force, in any organization, is a major driver which leads to achieving organizational goals.

Diploma thesis, Universitas Andalas. This research was made with the purpose of identifying the influence of internal marketing and employee job satisfaction on perceived organizational performance as well as using the employee job satisfaction as the mediator between internal marketing and perceived organizational performance on banking industry in Padang City. The aim of this research was to fill the hole in the gap about the lack of studies of internal marketing in banking industry as well as the lack of studies of internal marketing in Padang City.

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The relationship between employee satisfaction and organisational performance: Evidence from a South African government department. Chengedzai Mafini; David R. Pearson's correlation test as well as a regression analysis were employed to test the existence of a relationship between employee satisfaction and organisational performance. The mean score ranking technique was used to compare the impact of the individual employee satisfaction factors on organisational performance. Amongst the five factors, teamwork had the greatest impact on organisational performance, followed by ability utilisation, creativity, autonomy, with working conditions exerting the least influence. Public organisationorganisations in South Africa face immense pressure to excel in their performance, notwithstanding the highly unstable and competitive environment in which they operate.

This was designed to examine the impact of organizational culture and its impact on employee performance and job satisfaction, using Niger Delta University as a case study. The objectives of the study was to evaluate how organizational culture influences employee performance and job satisfaction and the relationship between organizational culture, employee performance and job satisfaction in order to proffer possible solutions that will help organizations build a culture that will have a positive impact on the performance and satisfaction of their employees. The data for the research was obtained from respondents who were mainly staffs of Niger Delta University.

Performance Planning: Sample Goals. Professional development goals are goals focused on plans for learning and development. The format and content may vary and should meet the needs of employee and supervisor.

Review assessment and write review. Although it is important to make a timely response, how to act and what to contest must be carefully thought through to be as effective as possible. The thesis is a literature research and thus a review by the work of others. We provide phrases for self-evaluation, manager, and peer reviews.

As an employer, one of your main goals should be to have employees who are productive and able to do their job to a high standard. Building a team of friendly, talented and creative individuals is your main goal — so what can you do to get there? You need to help create an environment that is rich in employee satisfaction.

Because of new regulations being recommended by NRB Central Bank for expanding four times capital of the banks and financial institutions BFIs to make their capital base stronger, BUD Bank has been confronting difficulties of i expanding four times its paid capital and ii channelizing the credits all the more proficiently and effectively. In the request to adapt to these circumstances, the employees need to expect the basic role by taking a couple of profitable and capable drives. It is found that JS has the significant relationship with JP, retention, turnover, and performance evaluation. As indicated by authors Locke ; Olusola, Funmilola and Sola ; and Velnampy and Sivesan , there are six to ten variables of job satisfaction and these have positive impacts on job performance, retention, turnover, and execution assessment. In any case, there are considered six variables work assigned, salary, promotion, supervision, colleagues, and working environment of job satisfaction proposed by Locke for this study.

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