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For qualitative researchers, maintaining respondent confidentiality while presenting rich, detailed accounts of social life presents unique challenges. These challenges are not adequately addressed in the literature on research ethics and research methods. Deductive disclosure, also known as internal confidentiality Tolich, , occurs when the traits of individuals or groups make them identifiable in research reports Sieber,

The Value Captor’s Process: Getting the Most out of Your New Business Ventures

Measures of psychological constructs are validated by testing whether they relate to measures of other constructs as specified by theory. Each test of relations between measures reflects on the validity of both the measures and the theory driving the test. Construct validation concerns the simultaneous process of measure and theory validation. In this chapter, we review the recent history of validation efforts in clinical psychological science that has led to this perspective, and we review five recent advances in validation theory and methodology of importance for clinical researchers. These are: the emergence of nonjustificationist philosophy of science; an increasing appreciation for theory and the need for informative tests of construct validity; valid construct representation in experimental psychopathology; the need to avoid representing multidimensional constructs with a single score; and the emergence of effective new statistical tools for the evaluation of convergent and discriminant validity. In this chapter, we highlight the centrality of construct validation to theory testing in clinical psychology.

Experimentation in the 21st century: The importance of external validity

Much of the consumer behavior literature is devored to what has been referred to as theory applications TA research in which the main focus is on laboratory experiments with student subjects and high internal validity. In this articlee, the author argues that external validity concerns should be given more attention, particulary in TA research. Three examples are given from the marketing literature of how findings from experiments and scanner data can be combined to advance a stream of research. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Calder, Bobby J. Phillips, and Alice M.

Joseph E. McGrath July 17, — April 1, was an American social psychologist , known for his work on small groups, time, stress, and research methods. McGrath was born in DuBois , Pennsylvania , the last child of six. He served the U. Army from to He received a B. He married Marion Freitag in

Given the experimental nature of this study, a student sample was used with the objective of increasing its internal validity (Brinberg and McGrath.


Temporal issues are involved in all aspects of our methodology. At a relatively macro level, there are a number of temporal factors that play an important role in choices of research strategy and in implementation of those choices. Temporal issues arise, as well, in the design of studies and in their organization so as

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The research process is described as the interrelationships of conceptual, methodological, and substantive domains. The specification of each domain and their interrelations will be discussed. Traditional forms of validity will be presented within the proposed framework and new forms of validity researchers need to consider will also be derived from this framework. As the reader is aware, the concept of validity has taken many forms and meanings to describe different components of the research process.

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