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Authors: Siripen Yiamjanya , Kevin Wongleedee. This research paper aims to identify travel motivation by push and pull factors that affected decision making of international tourists in selecting Thailand as their destination choice. A total of international tourists who traveled to Thailand during January and February, were used as the sample in this study.

The push-pull framework provides a useful approach for examining the tourist motivation. This paper takes the world heritage—Huangshan Mountain as a sample. As a result, five push factors and four pull factors are identified.

Understanding the relationship between push and pull motivations in rural tourism

The push-pull framework provides a useful approach for examining the tourist motivation. This paper takes the world heritage—Huangshan Mountain as a sample. As a result, five push factors and four pull factors are identified. Further analyses investigate differences in the push and pull factors among different socio-demographic subgroups with one-way ANOVA analysis. The result of the study affords us useful references for development, protection and marketing expansion of mountain resorts.

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E-mail: dgwang73 Reprints and Permissions. Wang, Dg. Push-pull factors in mountain resorts. Download citation. Received : 18 March Issue Date : December Search SpringerLink Search. Abstract The push-pull framework provides a useful approach for examining the tourist motivation. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. About this article Cite this article Wang, Dg.

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the differences and relationships of push and pull motivations in two different rural tourism destinations. Data were collected from tourists visiting rural tourism companies in Finland and in Tyrol Austria. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance and correlation coefficients. The results indicate significant differences of push and pull motivations in the two regions. In addition, tourists motivated by different variables obviously search for different destination attributes. The findings can be used by rural tourism companies and practitioners to understand how push and pull motivations affect tourist behaviour.

This descriptive study tries to analyze the most dominant push and pull factor for Surabaya citizen in choosing China as family recreation destination. The samples are years old Surabaya citizens who have already gone or will surely be going to China for their family vacation. The instrument used was questionnaires and the data processed using factor analysis method. Based on the result of factor analysis, it is found that the most dominant push factors Prestige, so they can share what they have seen, and experienced in China to other friends or relatives in order to increase social status. While the most dominant pull factors is Exotic and Adaptable Atmosphere, seeking for different atmosphere but still adaptable for entire family. Awaritefe, O. Destination image differences between prospective and actual tourists in Nigeria.

Show all documents Dark tourism motivations : an investigation into the motivations of visitors to sites associated with dark tourism destination, such as facilities, beaches, sun shine and weather variables to name but a few. Both push and pull factors play a key role in facilitating the travel process, albeit at two differing points in time, namely push factors pre travel often associated with where to visit, and pull factors , once the decision to travel has been made, are specifically related to where to travel and the features of the location. Dann and more recently Pesonen et al perfectly details the notion of push and pull and comments on how once a decision has been made to travel, then the next decision to follow, concerns the activities whilst at the destination. Whilst push and pull are often viewed as separate components operating independently a number of academics have been at pains to point out that this may not necessarily be the case.

Push-pull factors in mountain resorts

Journal of Coastal Research 5 November ; 36 6 : — Carvache-Franco, M. Analysis of push and pull motivations and the intentions to return and recommend a coastal or marine destination. Journal of Coastal Research, 36 6 , — Visiting coastal and marine destinations can be appealing for tourists depending on the on-site activities offered.

Push and Pull factors in tourism

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