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Write your name now. Architecture is concerned primarily with the private details of element interfaces. Read all the questions before you begin. It will help you to understand question paper pattern and type of computer organization and architecture questions and answers asked in B Tech, BCA, MCA, M Tech computer organization and architecture exam.

Computer Architecture MCQ Question with Answer

While, Organization of a computer system defines the way system is structured so that all those catalogued tools can be used. IAS was designed by von Neuman and was designed with the concept of stored-program, which allowed the machine operator to store the program along with its input and output into some memory location, but in ENIAC the program had to be manually entered. Control Unit Instruction set is defined as a group of instructions that a processor can execute to perform different operations. It can be classified on the basis of complexity and number of instruction used. Categories: Computer. Tags: Computer.

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The instructions constituting a program to be executed by a computer are loaded in sequential locations in its main memory. The memory is divided into large number of small parts called cells. Computer System Architecture objective questions and answers set contain 5 mcqs on computer memory management. Volatile memory is memory that loses its contents when the computer or hardware device loses power. Random Access Memory are those memory in which location can be accessed in a shorter period of time after specifying the address. Architecture in computer system, same as anywhere else, refers to the externally visual attributes of the system. Virtual memory is used to give programmers the illusion that they have a very large memory even though the computer has a small main memory.

Computer Organisation And Architecture Multiple Choice Questions And Answers (MCQs)

A refers to a computer system capable of processing several programs at the same time. B represents organization of single computer containing a control unit, processor unit and a memory unit. C includes many processing units under the supervision of a common control unit D none of the above. Ans: C. Suppose that a bus has 16 data lines and requires 4 cycles of nsecs each to transfer data.

Most of the time, aspirants have started their preparation before the exam … Search Terms. Command Signals C. Control signals D. Timing signals 2. When answering "essay" questions, we encourage students to start with an outline of "bullet" points and then write prose.

Explanation are given for understanding. Command Signals C. Control signals D. Timing signals 2. What does the control unit generate to control other units?

300+ TOP Computer Organization & Architecture MCQs and Answers

Goto mt. A referstoacomputersystemcapableofprocessingseveral programsatthesame time. B representsorganizationofsinglecomputercontaininga controlunit,processor unitandamemoryunit. C includesmanyprocessingunitsunderthesupervisionofa commoncontrolunit D noneoftheabove.

Explain the need for virtual memory. Personal computers such as tablets, smartphones, notebooks and desktops are examples of general purpose computers. Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions 1. A Computer Science portal for geeks. Practice these MCQ questions and answers for preparation of various competitive and entrance exams.

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Computer Organization - Architecture MCQs

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