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Phi and Geometry

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Akhtaruzzaman and A. Akhtaruzzaman , A. Because of its unique and mystifying properties, many researchers and mathematicians have been studied about the Golden Ratio which is also known as Golden Section.

What is Composition? Composition is used to lead the eye around an image and affects the way a viewer interprets visual information. Composition can refer to the sizes, positions and spacial relationships of the different elements within an image. It can be used as a way to organise elements on a page or screen or to create a sense of dynamic visual tension. Depending on how elements have been arranged, the overall effect will be either aesthetically pleasing or aesthetically displeasing. Which of the rectangles below do you feel looks the most pleasingly proportioned?

Golden rectangle

Take 3 equal lines. Lay the 2nd line against the midpoint of the 1st. Lay the 3rd line against the midpoint of the 2nd. Contributed by Jo Niemeyer. Insert an equilateral triangle inside a circle, add a line at the midpoint of the two sides and extend that line to the circle. Insert a pentagon inside a circle.

It is the ratio of a line segment cut into two pieces of different lengths such that the ratio of the whole segment to that of the longer segment is equal to the ratio of the longer segment to the shorter segment. The Greeks also had observed that the golden ratio provided the most aesthetically pleasing proportion of sides of a rectangle, a notion that was enhanced during the Renaissance by, for example, the work of the Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci and the publication of De divina proportione ; Divine Proportion , written by the Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli and illustrated by Leonardo. The golden ratio occurs in many mathematical contexts. It is geometrically constructible by straightedge and compass, and it occurs in the investigation of the Archimedean and Platonic solids. In modern mathematics, the golden ratio occurs in the description of fractals , figures that exhibit self-similarity and play an important role in the study of chaos and dynamical systems. Golden ratio Article Media Additional Info.

Golden rectangles exhibit a special form of self-similarity : All rectangles created by adding or removing a square are Golden rectangles as well. A golden rectangle can be constructed with only a straightedge and compass in four simple steps:. A distinctive feature of this shape is that when a square section is added—or removed—the product is another golden rectangle, having the same aspect ratio as the first. Square addition or removal can be repeated infinitely, in which case corresponding corners of the squares form an infinite sequence of points on the golden spiral , the unique logarithmic spiral with this property. Diagonal lines drawn between the first two orders of embedded golden rectangles will define the intersection point of the diagonals of all the embedded golden rectangles; Clifford A. Pickover referred to this point as "the Eye of God". The proportions of the golden rectangle have been observed as early as the Babylonian Tablet of Shamash c.

This smaller golden rectangle can again be subdivided into a still smaller square and golden rect- angle, and this process can be continued ad infinitum. At each.

How to Use the Golden Ratio to Create Gorgeous Graphic Designs

They all have one simple concept in common. The Ancient Greeks were one of the first to discover a way to harness the beautiful asymmetry found in plants, animals, insects and other natural structures. They expressed this mathematical phenomenon with the Greek letter phi, but today, we call it the golden ratio —also known as the divine proportion, the golden mean, and the golden section. Much like the rule of thirds, this mathematical concept can be applied to your graphic designs to make them more visually appealing to the viewer. The golden ratio is probably best understood as the proportions

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You can find the golden ratio everywhere in nature, from a nautilus shell to the waves of the ocean. Even parts of the human body and our DNA are built based on it. By using the golden ratio, you can create a photo that is more pleasing to the eye in a natural way.

Myths of maths: The golden ratio

The Golden Ratio in Design: Examples & Tips

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    Since Φ − 1=1/Φ, the ratio of the sides of the rectangle is 1/Φ, so the smaller rectangle is also golden. If the smaller rectangle is then split into a square and a rectangle, the smaller rectangle has dimensions 1/Φ by 1 − 1/Φ. Since 1 − 1/Φ = 1/Φ2, this is a golden rectangle as well!

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