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Chapter selection: Choose a chapter from a Mice and Mystics story book. Depending on how many people are playing, some players may need to choose and control more than one mouse so that the correct number of mice are in the adventuring party. Choose a hero: Each player chooses their mouse hero or heroes and collects that mouse's hero card, initiative card, and figure. The chapter being played will tell players how many mice are going to be adventuring in that chapter usually four. Choose an ability: Players choose 1 ability card for each mouse that they are playing.

Mice & Mystics Quick Reference.pdf

Log in or Register to download files. SVG file to be used when creating custom dice in Vorpal Board and other digital board game programs. Mice and Mystics Distance Player Aids. In this it includes an extremely concise summary of available actions for the mouse player, as well as a D6-to-MiceMystics Die conversion chart.

The PDF is ready to download and send to gaming groups. All I ask is that anyone who improves it, shares the improvement back with the community. Happy distance-playing! In order to enable playing the game by video chat, I created some player aids for my socially distanced companions.

I made this 3D insert for Mice and Mystics for personal use, but had some requests to make it available for everyone. It holds the base game and all of the expansions currently available Downwood Tales and Heart of Glorm.

Walls are 2mm thick and the card trays can hold sleeved cards. The file for the CardTray-Search must be printed twice. The tiles go in the Downwood box. Look at the images to see how we organised it! I hope you find it useful. Greetings, MMPeuchen. However, I was having trouble keeping track of when things happened in relation to each other. To rectify this, I went through the rule book sentence by sentence and built this flowchart.

Note: only for online viewing purposes, graphics are distorded in PDF format. These skill trees are designed by throwing8smokes, all credit go to him so please give a shout out if you start using them, because this took a lot of puzzling. I just made the graphical interpretation. Use these skill trees to aid the player in chosing abilities at the start of the campaign and for each level up.

Best as starting abilities and next level up. Level up Take as last couple of upgrades. Grey colored abilities can be chosen, but are shared with another character. So if you pick the next ability vertically, you specialize in one ability treat. If you shift horizontally you diversify. I will include a description in the next version, just wanted to share. Formatted Bundle Download. Part 1 of a collection of the Autumn Winds formatted storybook as individual chapter files in a. In the style of "the esoteric order of gamers" rule summaries, I have painstakingly created this summary, comprised of a multitude of FAQs and forum threads and what not.

This came about because we had to pause every 5 minutes during our first play throughs because the rule book is so poorly written. If I have forgotten anything, please ping me, but I do believe every conceivable pending question has been answered for. The idea is that a more experienced player prepares and guides them through the game. In the process, I found that the best way to do this was to split Chapter I into two parts. I also added my own set of rules for streamlining the game for younger or less-experienced players.

It's all still in a kind of beta process, so I'll grateful for any comments. Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended, only fair use, the text and rule changes are my creations shout-out to ShotgunGames for inspiration. GoT Inspired Mice. Feel free to comment on how useful you find them and any suggestions for improvement are welcome, as these are my first ever custom mice : This is not made in order to break any copyrights, but to extend the fun of this awesome board game :.

Taken from 45 pags in the forum plaidhatgames and the forums of BGG. All the blue answers are the ones I added Total of 56 new replies Enjoy!

Mice and Mystics Quick Rules. To use as is intended, just follow the steps of each subject in the order they are written. If a line or numbered item is not applicable, go to the next one. Print 4 times, fold in half, preferably laminate, and you are good to go! You can choose between a side with or without a background. Please note that this player aid uses feedback from the designer that are clarifications on the written rules.

Mouse turn now identified in 4 colors. A concise overview of all the player options a player can choose from during a turn, with the enemy turn options on the back. It contain minor fixes and was edited into a two-page printable format looks good in the game box.

Not industrial quality, but serves it's purpose well. Also, I am open for improvement ideas. This PDF contains a couple of sequence diagrams I did create at the time we tried to understand the rules in detail.

The diagrams were made for our own purposes, not for commercial uses. Also please do not expect detailed steps for every aspect of the game, just the most critical ones. However it might contain mistakes or misunderstandings. In this case please leave a comment and I will fix or extend it sooner or later. I hope you find it useful as well! Presents for the Elders. CoS revised - Printer Friendly Version. Christmas is about family, and family is a good excuse to play games.

We have now updated all graphical content to the new template and standard made during the second Calendar creation.

I hope that with this fan expansion that families can once again gather around the table, just enjoying a small adventure. As this is an advent calendar, each chapter is intended for a certain date: Chapter one is intended for the 1st Sunday of advent.

Chapter two is intended for the 2nd Sunday of advent. Chapter three is intended for the 3rd Sunday of advent.

Chapter four is intended for the 4th Sunday of advent. Co-Editors: Michael Jordan, Justin s. Special thanks to: Jan Meyberg This storybook could not have been made without the help of these people. To everyone who played this; I can only say: "Thanks for all". Micyclopedia Mystica 1. So I created this 4 page alphabetical compendium of the most important rules: my Micyclopedia Mystica. Focus is on density and conciseness. Actions added. Two versions: with and without background. Re-added bookmarks.

I've created this one-page sheet so that you will hopefully NEVER have to thumb through multiple pages of rules in this game. The only rule I could not fit was Brodie, but that only happens a few times in the whole game. WoS v7. I hope that with this fan expansion families can gather around the table, just enjoying a small adventure. As this is an advent calendar, each chapter is intended for a certain date: Chapter One is intended for the 1st Sunday of advent.

Chapter Two is intended for the 2nd Sunday of advent. Chapter Three is intended for the 3rd Sunday of advent. Chapter Four is intended for the 4th Sunday of advent. WoS v1 Storybook: Front and Prologue This file does no longer need to be downloaded, as all files here, also are inclueded in the newest upload. Bedtime For Edla. I would like to collect them all in one file.

Skill Tree Rules. This way he has to work up to Dodge. Tilda has been assigned First Aid to start with - if someone else has chosen First Aid before Tilda is in-play, she starts with NO ability. They may also be used on their own; however, they are designed for campaign play so the mice start off with the 'worst' abilities, and level them up. Each level-up is 6 cheese. Scaling cheese requirements per level-up doesn't work. Made for Avery labels, but would work with full sheet stickers as well.

Mice and Mystics Reference Sheet. This helped us avoid many-a-trip through the rulebook to reference simple rules from verbose paragraphs of text! Skill Trees V1.

Mice and Mystics Storybook

I dedicate this game to my tiny adventurers Jenna and Owen. I am humbled by your courage. Jerry Hawthorne List of Components 1 rulebook 1 story control board 18 encounter cards 1 story book 8 dual-sided room tiles 6 mouse hero cards 6 mouse hero figures 28 mouse ability cards 5 action dice 16 minion figures 71 search cards 3 sheets of die cut counters 2. This rulebook will teach you how to play the game, but it is intended to be paired with a Mice and Mystics story book. Each chapter in a Mice and Mystics story book has a specific setup and special rules that apply to that chapter.

In its pages you will find instructions on how to setup each chapter and special rules for playing out the chapter, including information on how you win and lose that chapter. Each chapter of a story book is intended to be played through as a single game session of Mice and Mystics. Players can play through an entire story book, chapter by chapter, over multiple game sessions. This is called playing the story as a campaign. Sorrow and Remembrance starts off with a prologue. If you are going to be playing through Mice and Mystics as a campaign, we suggest you have someone read the prologue aloud to all the players prior to playing the first chapter.

Mice and Mystics Rules - Plaid Hat Games

Adventure Awaites! Play as cunning field mice who must race through a castle now twenty times larger than before. The castle would be a dangerous place with Vanestra's minions in control, but now countless other terrors also await heroes who are but the size of figs. Play as nimble Prince Colin and fence your way past your foes, or try Nez Bellows, the burly smith. Confound your foes as the wizened old mouse Maginos, or protect your companions as Tilda, the castle's former healer.

Log in or Register to download files. Campaign Tracker single page. This has the names of all abilities for the first 3 books. Mice and mystics abilities.

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Introduction. Room Tile Rules Types. Campaign Special Rules

Log in or Register to download files. Oversat til dansk af Jonas Skytte. Translated into danish by Jonas Skytte. All the graphic content within this translation setup belongs to Z-Man Games. This translation has been made and shared in accordance with the official guidelines from Z-Man Games as written in their IP Policy regarding sharing fan-made content. SVG file to be used when creating custom dice in Vorpal Board and other digital board game programs. Lascio il file in formato.

Embed Size px x x x x IntroductionThis is a Mice and Mystics story book. In its pages you will find instructions on how to setup each chapter and special rules for playing out the chapter, including information on how you win and lose that chapter.

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Download Mice and Mystics Storybook download document. Introduction This is a Mice and Mystics story book. In its pages you will find instructions on how to.

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