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A Simple Hybrid Model for Short-Term Load Forecasting

Artificial Intelligence based accurately load forecasting system to forecast short and medium-term load demands[J]. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, , 18 1 : Article views PDF downloads 86 Cited by 0. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering , , 18 1 : Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering , Volume 18 , Issue 1 :

Electricity load forecasting: a systematic review

Succinct and understandable, this book is a step-by-step guide to the mathematics and construction of electrical load forecasting models. The book begins with a good description of the basic theory and models needed to truly understand how the models are prepared so that they are not just blindly plugging and chugging numbers. This is followed by a clear and rigorous exposition of the statistical techniques and algorithms such as regression, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and expert systems. State of the Art 2. Static State Estimation 3.

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U College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam , India. The paper proposes a simple hybrid model to forecast the electrical load data based on the wavelet transform technique and double exponential smoothing. The historical noisy load series data is decomposed into deterministic and fluctuation components using suitable wavelet coefficient thresholds and wavelet reconstruction method.

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Electric load forecasting: literature survey and classi®cation of methods

Manuscript received February 16, ; final manuscript received February 7, ; published online May 24, Editor: Kau-Fui Wong. Palchak, D. May 24, Energy Resour. September ; 3 : This paper presents an artificial neural network ANN for forecasting the short-term electrical load of a university campus using real historical data from Colorado State University.

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The economic growth of every nation is highly related to its electricity infrastructure, network, and availability since electricity has become the central part of everyday life in this modern world. Hence, the global demand for electricity for residential and commercial purposes has seen an incredible increase. On the other side, electricity prices keep fluctuating over the past years and not mentioning the inadequacy in electricity generation to meet global demand. As a solution to this, numerous studies aimed at estimating future electrical energy demand for residential and commercial purposes to enable electricity generators, distributors, and suppliers to plan effectively ahead and promote energy conservation among the users. Notwithstanding, load forecasting is one of the major problems facing the power industry since the inception of electric power.

Electrical load forecasting models: A critical systematic review
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