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Because differences are our greatest strength. In an inclusive classroom, general education teachers and special education teachers work together to meet the needs of students.

Just over ten years ago, a special issue of Prospects was dedicated to the theme of inclusive education. This conference, which took place in Geneva in , and was organized by UNESCO International Bureau of Education IBE , focused on ways of providing education to the hundreds of millions of people around the world with little or no access to learning opportunities. The long-term objective was to support UNESCO Member States in providing the social and political conditions which every person needs in order to exercise their human right to access, take an active part in and learn from educational opportunities.

Inclusive Education: What It Means, Proven Strategies, and a Case Study

Inclusive education means that all students attend and are welcomed by their neighbourhood schools in age-appropriate, regular classes and are supported to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of the life of the school. Inclusive education is about how we develop and design our schools, classrooms, programs and activities so that all students learn and participate together. Neighbourhood schools are the heart of our communities, and Inclusion BC believes they are essential for a quality inclusive education system. Therefore we believe it is important to support a public education system in B. It is important because as Canadians, we value our diverse communities. These communities start at school, where all students learn to live alongside peers. They learn together; they play together; they grow and are nurtured together.

Benefits of Inclusive Education

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Inclusive school communities are educational settings in which students with disabilities have opportunities to participate and receive support in all aspects of school life alongside peers who do not have disabilities. In an inclusive system, special educators, specialized instructional support personnel, general educators, and other education personnel work together to address the needs of students with disabilities. By collaborating, these educators better support the learning and participation of all students. Furthermore, research demonstrates that a learning community is better, richer, and more effective when students with disabilities are full participants. Although many strides have been made in realizing the intent of the law, schools often still treat inclusive education as a new and challenging way of supporting students with disabilities.

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Inclusion (education)

Considering the potential of inclusive education at your school? Perhaps you are currently working in an inclusive classroom and looking for effective strategies. Lean into this deep-dive article on inclusive education to gather a solid understanding of what it means, what the research shows, and proven strategies that bring out the benefits for everyone. The school and classroom operate on the premise that students with disabilities are as fundamentally competent as students without disabilities. Therefore, all students can be full participants in their classrooms and in the local school community.

Inclusion in education refers to a model wherein students with special needs spend most or all of their time with non-special general education needs students. It arise in the context of special education with an individualized education program or plan , and is built on the notion that it is more effective for students with special needs to have said mixed experience for them to be more successful in social interactions leading to further success in life. Inclusion rejects but still provides the use of special schools or classrooms to separate students with disabilities from students without disabilities.

HEA framework for student access, retention, attainment and progression. Phil Gravestock, University of Wolverhampton, presented at Institute of Physics, May , Building momentum towards inclusive teaching and learning. Rowena Arshad of the University of Edinburgh speaks about what inclusivity is and why it is important in this video, ' Building inclusivity: engagement, community and belonging in the classroom'. We will foster a culture that understands and embodies the values of diversity and inclusivity, ensuring this is reflected in campus life, in the curriculum, and in the application of knowledge to real-life problems in a global context. Plymouth University.

Inclusive education: Global priority, collective responsibility

4 benefits of inclusive classrooms

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